My Dull Testimony

The number one question a christian gets, especially and new christian, is What is your story? More specifically What is your testimony, How did you come to Christ?

Well there are many different answer. Most have some really big dramatic, traumatic, or life altering answer. Stories like;

When my husband almost died I didn’t know where to turn to so I prayed for the first time and he pulled through God answered me….

I was living on the streets and God helped me turn my life around….

I died and met Jesus, it was amazing….

Now there isn’t anything wrong with any of those, those are amazing and tear jerking if anyone has been through those stated above I applaud you for having to go through that.

However my story, testimony, whatever you want to call it doesn’t feel as miraculous as everyone elses. I often feel like maybe I’m not doing it right or I’m missing something and I didn’t experience the true testimony yet. Let me tell you the short version of my story.

I was born in a normal family, as far as I see it, My mom was a single mom and we lived with my grandparents. I grew up in a typical Christian house, we went to church and contributed our tithing like most Christians would. We prayed at each meal, so on and so forth, nothing dramatic about that right.

Well skip a few years, in school I hung with the wrong crowd, made a few good friends and bad ones. Got pregnant at 16, I questioned faith but still had a morals and beliefs, I considered myself spiritual. I often said

I know there is God and the Devil but the in between isn’t all true. The bible was written by man and translated by man so how much of it was twisted to manipulate and sway mankind! How much did we translate wrong or what have we left out

Needless to say I don’t think that way anymore, So as a whole I don’t think I ever found faith because I never totally lost it more just never admitted it than lost. As I got older met my husband, married him, had more kids, I attended church again. Nothing dramatic, life altering, or traumatic. I never had that Eureka moment like most if not all christians, so I often feel something missing or incomplete as if I’m doing faith wrong as I stated before.

As if I haven’t truly experienced that ah ha moment, like a friend of mine lost everything and God gave her that “light bulb going off” moment.

Part of a testimony you should state how you came to Christ , how his grace saved you, and what he did to save you.

Well let me answer with I didn’t come to Christ because I grew up around him I just kinda strayed off the beaten path, God’s grace saved me by just putting me back on the right path, and he used my trials and emotions to save me. As generic as that sounds that’s it.

My testimony isn’t all that great and is dull, so when I get asked that question I freeze as if I’m in this blank stare and I don’t always know how to respond. Now don’t get me wrong God has done wonders in my life that I can’t explain and am grateful for. Like giving me children and having a family and a husband (which is a story for another time), and keeping my mother alive.

There ya have it my testimony!


1 thought on “My Dull Testimony”

  1. Thanks for that.

    There are no dull testimonies, they are the stories of people who love God and respond to God’s love for them.

    God loves us as we are, not how others would like us to be, and I admire your honesty. Keep it up.


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