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I am Rich when I am Poor

What do you think of when a person says poor? I think of the Christmas Tale where Scrooge’s assistant goes home in rags, his children are dressed in rags, he has barely any food, and still has a smile on his face.

If I look at my budget book I am poor but not dirt broke like Scrooge’ s assistant. Just money is tight like every fighting family! My cloths come from thrift stores because it’s to expensive to buy brand new (besides you can find some really neat and clean brand new at thrift stores) my children don’t ware “it” clothing! I don’t wear in seasons cloths, I don’t own a new car, or have a fancy house. My sofa is broken my dinning tabel came from a yard sale, I shop at the dollar store.

What do have is love, and my faith. So I am rich because my happiness can not be bought. I am rich because of what I do have in my life, most people can’t say that. I’ve never been to the Bahamas or had a fancy three night stay at a fancy hotel because I have to keep my non fancy jedi’s alive and well fed.

Let’s start here, I have my children who bring me joy everyday. Yes everyday even when my jedi s in training upset me, defy me, make me angry! I look at my children and know I am blessed because not everyone can have children, and not everyone wants children! I am rich because I have children who listen, who have faith much like me.

I have a husband who God has blessed me with to love, yes we have bad times, but we push through it. He is my partner in crime and helps me, he lifts me up when I am down. I have a mother who loves me, grandparents who are always there, a father that is awesome, a aunt who is the awesome one too, and I have my faith. Which the last one is the biggest one because with out that I’m sure I wouldn’t have of been blessed half as good!

I don’t need money to be happy because I have everything. Everything isn’t a house, it isn’t money, and it isn’t fancy things. My wealth is in my son’s and daughter, my wisdom and common sense that got passed down, and my faith!

So here is a challenge, look around, look at all the things in life you are blessed with. Whether it be your children, husband, family, talents, etc, we are blessed! We are rich in the most down of time!


8 thoughts on “I am Rich when I am Poor”

  1. So true! Valuing the things that actually will last–eternal human souls!–is so much more rewarding than emphasizing the transient stuff that brings momentary entertainment but rapidly dissolves to nothing. Thank you for reminding others to see the good all around us! Even in the darkest times, God still brings us the sun. ❤


  2. I think more people need to think this way. I feel the same way and I am rich from all the blessings I have in my life.


  3. Love this! I recently learned (and am still learning, to be quite honest) how much of an impact our mindset can have in our day! Instead of complaining about all the dishes that I have to wash, I can CHOOSE to give thanks for the people I have to feed and the food provided to us to feed them. 💞


  4. This is such an uplifting blog post. I’m reminded to focus on the many positives that I have been blessed with rather than the few things that aren’t as I would like them to be. Thanks so much for sharing this post.


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